Deribit Excel BOT

About Us

What Am I

I am a BOT which helps to trade on behalf of you.  
Do you feel that your decision was wrong and you have lost more while placing orders.
Sit back and relax when I work for you 24/7.

Watch me on my video demo.

How It Works

Deribit Excel BOT directly connects to Deribit server to get the updates instantly. 

The orders will be written by the user and script conditions will be decided by the user when and what condition to execute the selected order will be done by the BOT.

Why Us?

There are many BOT which sells them-self for showing up the trade direction, chart, algorithms, etc, etc.  But they do not meet your expected time to place an order at your expected market price.

Try  me, I will do your work at the right time and exact market price expectation.

Product Working Demo

This is a working demo of the product with some sample orders and scripts written and explained.

Please download the evaluation version here


Watch me here



Please download the Evaluation version that works for 7 days.  

Please provide your feedback on this evaluation version.

Download Link Below

FULL Setup (including Windows Components)

Download link below

You can subscribe the product with €99.99/per year.


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I'm here to help with any questions you might have on this Excel BOT, or understanding this Deribit excel BOT well enough. Send us a message if you'd like to see the demo!

Deribit Excel BOT